ZAKA360צילום: ZAKA360

With Israel at war, the security risks are high. A frightening amount of terror attacks happened in the past few months, and ZAKA360 are looking to get all their volunteers back to work to be prepared for any eventuality.

However, many of their volunteers are grappling with intense trauma. After working hands-on with hundreds of bodies from the October 7 massacre, even seasoned volunteers have shared that they can’t sleep at night.

“The work we do... It’s not easy, there are marks left on the soul… Hashem should help us all get over it,” said a ZAKA360 volunteer who openly admits that he’s seen too much.

To help the volunteers heal and get back to work, ZAKA360 created a therapeutic retreat with the best therapists in the country, to give volunteers a safe space to heal. The feedback they got was raw and real: “At the end of the workshop, I felt liberated.”

ZAKA360 shared, “Space was limited in our last retreat, and more struggling volunteers still need such an event to return to themselves. It’s a costly program and we don’t want volunteers to pay for it, so we’re turning to the public to help fund the next one.

Security risks are high, and there could be devastating effects if our volunteers aren’t available. By donating here, you’re equipping Israel with its first responders so that if anything else happens, we’re ready.

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