Lipa Schmeltzer
Lipa SchmeltzerNati Shohat/Flash90

Lipa Schmeltzer, a hasidic American Jewish singer, on Tuesday night was injured in a car accident in the US.

The accident occurred when his Tesla vehicle hit a guardrail near the Washington Bridge, as Schmeltzer made his way to a wedding.

At first, Schmeltzer did not feel pain, and even took a video at the scene, thanking G-d for his miracle.

"I was on the way to a chuppa (wedding ceremony -ed.), and I've already missed it," he said. "I am leaving here thanks to miracles. I thank G-d."

Following this, Schmeltzer continued traveling on an alternate route, but began to feel pain in his shoulder and lower back. He then evacuated to a hospital, where he underwent a series of tests, which confirmed that he was in good health and had suffered only bruises.

After his release from the hospital, Schmeltzer hurried to the wedding, which was nearly finished, in order to rejoice with the newly-married couple.