IDF troops are continuing to intensify operations against Hamas in the area of the Khan Yunis Camp. The troops have killed numerous terrorist cells with sniper, tank and aerial fire. The IAF is assisting IDF ground troops to thwart imminent threats and strike terrorist infrastructure.

Furthermore, over the past day, IDF troops conducted targeted raids against terror targets in the area and engaged with numerous terrorists. Terrorist cells that planned to carry out anti-tank fire on the forces were also thwarted.

Directed by IDF troops, an IDF aircraft killed an armed terrorist cell and an additional terrorist cell that concealed itself while observing the forces.

In addition, IDF troops conducted targeted raids in the Khan Yunis area, where weapons were located and terrorists were killed. In a series of operations, IDF troops killed numerous terrorists.

In the central Gaza Strip, IDF troops identified an armed enemy spotter that planned to fire at the forces from within a compound. The forces responded with fire at the terrorist and killed him.

In the northern Gaza Strip, over the past day, IAF aircraft killed numerous terrorists with the direction of IDF ground troops.