Zvi rraising the flag in Khan Younis
Zvi rraising the flag in Khan YounisCourtesy

Zvi, an IDF reservist volunteer, and father to seven children, was the last IDF soldier to leave Gush Katif, and lowered the last flag of the IDF in Gaza at a post near the Philadelphi Corridor. Today, he raised the same flag again in Khan Younis.

“Nineteen years ago, I was in conscript service on the Philadelphi Corridor. We were the last forces to leave the Gaza Strip. This flag has been with me for nineteen years, as well as a letter from the company commander, Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi.”

“It says there that the gate that we hope the gate that is closing is the gate of peace and quiet, the gate of hope and goodwill, and many more such things. We understand that a flag that is lowered brings us bad things, and we hope that we have learned this, and that the leaders will learn this.”

“I am now flying this flag here once again. I hope it will remain here for many more years.”