Delegation leader Eyal Zamir
Delegation leader Eyal ZamirAriel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense

Amid disputes between Israel and the United States over the conduct of the war and the IDF's preparation for combat which will last for many more months, a high-ranking Israeli defense delegation landed in the US on Monday to meet with US military and defense industry officials.

Kan News reported that the goal of the meeting is to advance an immediate procurement deal and to prevent a lack of ammunition and arms.

Among other things, defense establishment officials are attempting to bring thousands of munitions for IAF aircraft, tank and artillery shells, armored vehicles, and additional equipment which would allow the IDF to continue the war in Gaza, along with the possible fighting in the north.

The delegation, led by Ministry of Defense Director Eyal Zamir and the head of the IDF's planning division Maj. Gen. Eyal Harel, will also try to move forward the purchase process to bring fighter jets and helicopters to Israel, but the process is expected to take years. The Israeli delegation is expected to stay in the US for the coming week.