Zvi Yehezkeli
Zvi YehezkeliYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Channel 13 News analyst Zvi Yehezkeli criticized the plan presented by US President Joe Biden for ending the war.

“Hamas believes time is on their side. The more time passes, the more favorable the offers become for them. What is the advantage for them here? Hamas is not disappearing, despite Israel declaring that its goal is collapsing Hamas.”

“I would call this a surrender agreement because we have not achieved the goals of the war. For Hamas, this is a gain. The war is not being managed correctly and is not being managed with ultimatums, and so we have not recovered the hostages, as we should have.”

“As for the rest of Biden’s dreams, we need to remember that the Palestinian Authority educates for terrorism and jihad - that’s what interests them. What will they teach in schools - that the Jews are to be loved? We have taken their land, and this becomes a zero-sum game. I don’t see them managing to make a change. If Biden succeeds in his mission, I will turn blond.”