Merav Michaeli
Merav MichaeliIsrael National News

The Labor party has placed a vote of no confidence in the government, the first such motion since the war broke out. The vote failed, with only eighteen MKs voting in favor.

The motion was presented by MK Efrat Rayten, who stated during the deliberations that “108 days of a cursed war in Gaza, and this is the first vote of no confidence, presented out of pain, anger, and discussed at looking at the fully right-wing government, the landlords, the government of Mr. Security.”

“Citizens of Israel recovered from the horrors on the same day, and this vote of no confidence expresses a great desire to change and fix. We, the people of 2023, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the founding generation that arose from the dust and on the same day became the generation of new leadership and a powerful sense of values and responsibility. That is not this government. We have no confidence in it.”

Minister May Golan stated during the deliberations: “As part of a responsible government, we will not cooperate.” She also addressed the families of the hostages, who shouted at her, directly: “We feel your pain.”

Labor leader Merav Michaeli explained a party meeting earlier today about the decision to file the motion of no confidence. “Since October 7th, we have refrained from this step, but it has been 108 days during which we have seen the government involving itself in everything else, in removing the national spokesman, in passing a corrupt budget, in embarrassing leaks from Cabinet meetings. Everything but the hostages. For that reason, we have decided to file a vote of no confidence today, on the grounds that the hostages have not yet been recovered.”