The reservists' protest
The reservists' protestTPS

Battalions of IDF reservists on Sunday were removed from their activities in Gaza within a short span of time, and were released home.

On Monday, the reservists returned their equipment and brought their vehicles to the Tze'elim military base, bearing signs which read, "We, too, were released without victory."

The Hebrew letter "lamed" on the sign resembles its counterpart on the Likud party's logo, and discussions began on social media regarding whether the signs were a statement against the government or a call for its involvement in increasing the intensity of the fighting in Gaza.

An IDF spokesman responded: "In recent hours, footage was shared of reservists expressing protest during active reserve duty, while using military equipment. The actions seen in the video clip are in contradiction to orders and have no place in the IDF - not during routine, and not in wartime."

"The incident is under investigation."