ISIS flag found in terrorist's home
ISIS flag found in terrorist's homePolice Spokesman

For the second time in a month, the central unit of the Jerusalem District Police, Border Police and the General Security Service, have thwarted terrorist attacks planned by two ISIS terrorists.

The two had sworn allegiance to the terrorist organization, purchased chemical materials to prepare the bombs and planned to prepare other explosive devices to carry out attacks on civilians and the security forces in the Jerusalem area. The police and Shin Bet discovered their plans and arrested them before they carried out the attacks. On Monday they will be indicted.

The two were arrested nearly a month ago in their homes in Jerusalem. During the police's search, they seized various chemical substances that were suspected to be used for preparing the explosives, flags of the ISIS and Hamas terrorist organizations, a notebook detailing how to prepare explosives, and other findings.

Just ten days ago, indictments were filed at the end of the investigation by the Jerusalem police and Shin Bet against two other ISIS-supporting terrorists, who also planned to carry out terrorist attacks with explosives.

In the past year, the police, aided by the Shin Bet, has thwarted dozens of attacks and attempted attacks in the Jerusalem area.