Security expert, educator, and author Yair Ansbacher spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News at the Sovereignty Movement Conference in Jerusalem about the potential dangers of American influence in Israel.

“Extreme Muslims have only one choice before them - either convert you or kill you. The United States declared war on terror for twenty years and had great success. Now, though, they are trying to educate those terrorists instead of fighting them, and to give that perception to Israel,” Ansbacher stated.

According to him, “Trying to make a free and democratic state of Palestine will blow up in your face, just like it did in Afghanistan and Iraq. Good American soldiers are under attack and dying around the Mediterranean because of Muslim terrorists, and yet they are trying to convince Israel that this attempt to give the Palestinian Authority a government is the right thing and should be given a chance.”

He predicted two possible outcomes for the war in Gaza: “We are extremely close to winning the first battle of what will be a long war. Our government can either give in to American pressure or stand up to it with pride. America is the home of the brave; I hope they respect our bravery as well.”