MK Moshe Saada
MK Moshe SaadaIsrael National News

MK Moshe Saada (Likud) spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about his plan to define goals that will lead to victory in the war and the achievement of the goals set at its beginning - the destruction of Hamas and the recovery of the hostages.

“If you want to reach a specific goal, you need to set goals along the way. The goals of eliminating Hamas and recovering the hostages are too vague. The public is asking itself, justifiably, what will happened on the day after the war. We set ourselves the goal of splitting the Gaza Strip, a goal that made it incorrect for the residents of Northern Gaza to return to their homes while citizens of Israel in the south have not done so, and more than anything, to bring about the demilitarization of Gaza.”

“Another goal we have set for ourselves concerns the humanitarian situation. Today, it is distributed by Hamas, who remains the government in practice. We say the opposite, that Israel or its agents are those distributing aid. We lose twice by doing so, with the supplies reaching Hamas and giving it power, and the second time when people realize they need Hamas for such supplies.”

"We need a plan. When you have an empty space, a solution will fill it. With no solution to the state, someone will appear and create a solution, such as the Americans. Unfortunately, until today, no solution has been presented. We, the people of the Likud party, set with senior officials who used to work in the security system, and now we call on our comrades to adopt our proposed solution.”

He claims the defined goals of the war are insufficient. “I think that we have created overarching goals, and we win every day. My son returned from Khan Younis and described his victories. It must be said that the IDF wins every day. We are advancing and carrying out our important goal of destroying Hamas.”

“After achieving these goals, we need to make a solution for the day after, and for that reason we have produced this plan and are attempting to advance it, to anchor our achievements until today and create security for the residents of the state of Israel on the day after as well.”

“The conversation was once that we would never reach the Philadelphi Corridor. I said in every interview that we needed to take control of it, and that is what is being discussed now. In a similar manner, we discussed the issue of Palestinian laborers, who some wanted to allow back into israel, but I and other MKs expressed our disapproval and declared that we would not allow $175,000 laborers to enter Israel because one day it will explode in our faces.”

“What is happening is that Israel is not making a decision. We have not made the decision what to do with Palestinian laborers, and that cost us 10 billion shekels in the last 3 months. On the one hand, we have not brought workers from India, and on the other hand we are not allowing Palestinians in, which is wrong and the state is paying for it. In this field as well, we have created a document calling for the state to take action.”