Red Cross vehicle in Gaza
Red Cross vehicle in GazaAtia Mohammed/Flash90

Israel has agreed to disclose information to the International Red Cross about Gazans held in Israeli prisons who were arrested after Hamas's October 7th massacre.

The move comes despite the fact that the Red Cross has not given any information regarding the Israeli hostages being held by the terror group since the massacre.

Channel 12 published a draft of the state's answer to the Supreme Court on the matter which states: "We will allow the disclosure of information about the detainees in Israeli prisons who were jailed after October 7th."

The majority of security branches agreed with the explanation that Israel must disclose the information according to international law, but National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir opposed the answer.

"In a petition against the Israel Prison Service and additional security bodies to give information about dozens of Hamas terrorists who were arrested in Gaza and were taken for questioning and imprisonment in Israel, the security bodies and the State Prosocutor's stance was to allow the Red Cross to receive the information. However Minister Ben-Gvir objects to the Prisons Service giving the information, and therefore the answer is delayed," Ben-Gvir's office wrote.

"In Ben-Gvir's opinion," his office stated, "humanitarian in return for humanitarian. If they want information about Hamas terrorists let them give information about our hostages."