Pakistan (illustrative)
Pakistan (illustrative)iStock

Pakistani authorities have announced that they fired several missiles towards alleged terrorist targets in Iran, two days after an Iranian missile attack on Pakistan.

The announcement stated that the attack struck terrorist hideouts in the Balochistan region. Iranian media claims that three women as four children were killed in the attack.

The Iranian attack on Pakistan, two days previously, was intended to strike terrorist hideouts in Pakistan who are working against Iran.

The two countries have recently accused one another of hiding militant groups that attack the other along their shared border.

Immediately following the attack, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian declared at a meeting of the World Economic Forum that, “The attack is targeted exclusively against Iranian terrorists on Pakistani soil,” and pledged that Tehran has no intention of declaring war on Pakistan itself.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry confirmed that its army had conducted a missile attack on Iran, and added that this attack too was intended only to strike terrorist bases along the shared border.

“Pakistan fully respects sovereignty and territorial integrity. The operation on Thursday was intended to be an expression of its unstoppable determination to protect its national security against any threat.”