Ronn Torossian
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Lenin called people who work against their people’s own best interests in support of their enemies "useful idiots," and Goldman Sachs appears to be facilitaing the funding of pro-Hamas activities, thereby working against the West, against America, against Israel and against civilization. These are unique times. Unique enough that Goldman Sachs, one of the largest businesses in the world, is signing millions of dollars of checks annually that fund Pro-Hamas, Pro-BDS activities devoted to destroying the State of Israel.

In a January 17th op-ed we revealed that the NYC Pro-Hamas rallies, including harassment of cancer patients at a NYC hospital, is being funded by the Goldman Sachs philanthropy fund. Further review of philanthropic tax returns shows that Codepink is also funded by Goldman Sachs.

Codepink, which is pro-BDS, has made solidarity visits to Iran, and according to The Daily Mail is under congressional scrutiny over ties to the Chinese Communist Party and has a record of links to Iran, Hamas and antisemitism. According to the National Review, at least $710, 000 from the Goldman Sachs philanthropic fund went to this organization which describes October 7th as an “act of resistance.

Codepink hasn’t said a word about the mass rape of Israeli women on October 7th, is devoted to fully eliminating US Military aid to Israel and a full "right of return" for Palestinian Arabs. As Influence Watch notes, the organization supports communist Cuba, and as The Daily Mail notes, Hamas has praised Code Pink as a 'grassroots peace group'.

Goldman Sachs chooses to write checks and approve funding to radical extremist organizations devoted to destroying Israel. It is not easy to write against one of the largest businesses in the world. But we are facing a Holocaust. We have hostages held, our people were butchered raped and murdered. In the Diaspora, we see record high-antisemitism and we are in danger.

Goldman Sachs is funding activities calling for the destruction of our people. Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for Goldman Sachs to stop this?

This is how the Holocaust was able to happen. I am Israeli. I am American. I am a Jew. I am the grandson of Holocaust survivors and I am scared about the state of the world. Goldman Sachs is funding millions against us. The world has lost its mind. Although maybe not - after all, when it comes to the Jews, this is what history has always taught us.

As Bret Stephens recently wrote.. “if there’s one lesson of Jewish history, it’s that nothing good stays — and why we still say, at the end of every Passover Seder, “Next year in Jerusalem.” I agree with Bret -although I prefer Tel Aviv.

Ronn Torossianis an American-Israeli Public Relations executive and entrepreneur.