Sergeant Adir Tahar
Sergeant Adir TaharCourtesy of the family

David, the father of Sergeant Adir Tahar, who was killed on October 7 while defending the border communities attacked during the Hamas invasion, spoke about the horrors done to his son's body by the Hamas terrorists.

Speaking to Channel 14, David said that the terrorists abused his son's body, and took the head with them to Gaza. There, one of the terrorists tried to sell it for $10,000.

"The terrorists abused the body, they beheaded it and took the head to Gaza. One of the terrorists tried to sell his head for $10,000. It's just barbarism at insane levels. I received a headless corpse."

He added, "For nearly two-and-a-half months I turned over the world, trying to understand where the head was. I demanded that the army allow me to see the body. At some point, you lose faith."

David also said that his son's head was rescued from Gaza by IDF soldiers from an elite unit, who received information from the Shin Bet following the interrogations of two terrorists, one of whom said in the interrogation that he had tried to sell the head.

"Three weeks ago, the Shin Bet, during interrogations of two terrorists arrested in Israel, succeeded in understanding that one of the terrorists had tried to sell the head for $10,000, and an instruction was handed down, to a very elite unit, together with the armored corps, and they entered central Gaza."

Adir's head, he said, was found at Falastin Square, in the refrigerator of an ice cream store: "In a purse, beside tennis balls, was my son's head. They managed to bring me what was left, and we buried it together with the rabbinate."