Rafah Crossing between Egypt and Gaza
Rafah Crossing between Egypt and GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Moussa Abu Marzouk, a member of the Hamas terror group's diplomatic arm, has provided additional details regarding the transfer of medications to the hostages held in Gaza.

In a post, Abu Marzouk wrote that for every package of medications for a hostage, 1,000 medications will be provided to "Palestinians." He also said that Israel will not inspect the shipments of medications.

The medications, Abu Marzouk added, will be provided by "a country which we trust," referring to Qatar. In addition, he wrote that Hamas has refused France's request to distribute the medication, "due to our lack of faith regarding its position, which supports the Israeli occupation, and its position against our nation's ambitions."

The medications will be distributed by the Red Cross in four hospitals in Gaza. Additional aid and food will also be provided.

According to Abu Marzouk, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "is once again lying and deceiving his people. We are the ones who decided the amount, the broker, the system of distribution and transfer of the medications."

Netanyahu's office said that the operation was undertaken "by Netanyahu's instruction, and following the agreement of Mossad chief Barnea with Qatar." It also said that the list was written up in Israel, in accordance with the hostages' medical needs. "With the arrival of the planes in Egypt, the medications will be passed by Qatari representatives into the Gaza Strip and to their final destination."

The Red Cross praised the medication agreement and called to free the 136 hostages still captive in Gaza. However, it did not note how it would ensure that the medications reach the hostages who need them.