Jews and Arabs pray togethr in Gush Etzion
Jews and Arabs pray togethr in Gush EtzionFlash 90

The Central Bureau of Statistics found that the Jewish population of Israel is in a better state than the Arab population, but the two have a similar relationship with the judicial system.

According to the survey, Jews enjoy more personal security than Arabs in most ways. Even so, Arabs report far fewer instances of being assaulted in traffic than Jews.

Jews enjoy a better standard of of living than Arabs in all ways. Both groups have recently become more dissatisfied with Israel's economic status, and the gap between them has diminished.

Employment is one of the most important factors in determining whether citizens are satisfied with their predominant daily occupation. The survey shows that Jews are better off than Arabs in most ways relating to employment. In 2022, Arab employment rose to its highest level since 2002, 44.5%, and the gap between the two groups diminished.

Jews enjoy a better standard of healthcare than Arabs as well, with advantages in life expectancy, infant deaths, healthy lifestyles, depression, personal appreciation of health, and obesity. Arabs showed advantages in belief in the healthcare system and the number of new cancer cases for both men and women.

Jews enjoy better housing and infrastructure than Arabs in the areas of satisfaction with housing and location, public transit, and crowding in housing. Arabs have an advantage in the fields of dissatisfaction with their commute and the percentage of income spent on housing.

In the field of education, Jews have an advantage in most fields. The two are equal in the field of education between 15 and 17 years of age, with the standard for Jews having shown a decline. Jews have enjoyed an increasing advantage in the completion of matriculation tests with five units of mathematics between 2015 and 2022.

Personal and public welfare also shows an advantage for the Jewish population who enjoy an advantage in most fields. In the fields of family esteem and expectations for the future, the two are equal. Arabs have developed more expectations for the future, at the greatest level since 2015, and Jews have shown a decline, indicating a pessimistic outlook for the future among Jews and optimism among the Arab public.