Over the past month, the legal units of the Tax Authority’s central district have filed more than 20 indictments for falsified receipts, for a total of more than 80M shekels.

In each case, the accused produced or received documents appearing to be tax receipts from legitimate businesses, but did not actually carry out the business deal recorded on the documents.

The Authority stated: “All the offenses were committed to evade taxes or help others to do so, while doing significant financial damage to the state.”

One indictment dealt with the company, "Ner Leraglecha," managed by Navil Sarsur, a resident of Kfar Qassem. The indictment claims that he committed 100 tax offenses by using falsified receipts over a period of just half a year. The total amount reached 41.4 million shekels, which includes 6 million shekels in taxes.

Another indictment was filed against Amir Abed al-Rahim, a resident of Tira, and several construction companies he managed. He is accused of 50 tax offenses using false receipts and reports, with a total of 9.8 million shekels in evaded taxes.

A third indictment was filed against Jabar Abu Kashef and the company Gamma, which he managed. He is accused of 133 offenses of taking false tax receipts totaling 46 million shekels, with an estimated value of evaded taxes of 6.8 million shekels.