Among the speakers at the Sovereignty Movement conference held last Thursday in Jerusalem was Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel (Likud). Gamliel implored the countries of the world to accept emigres from the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that she is not discussing forced migration. She also addressed the Iranian threat and characterized the disengagement from Gaza as the “greatest failure.”

Gamliel described the situation in Gaza: “Gaza is a hotbed of extremism. A small and densely populated area where, for too many years, its leaders have preferred murdering Jews over improving the lives of civilians...The international community stands idly by and does nothing. This is an opportunity for those who claim to support the Palestinian people to prove it in practice.”

According to her, UNRWA has failed in its role: “Unfortunately, over the course of the last 75 years, UNRWA has been responsible for Palestinian refugees and has done nothing to help them, despite an annual budget of over one billion dollars. Instead of channeling the money to rebuild Gaza, the international community can fund the resettlement of Gaza residents and help them build new lives in the new host countries.”

“I'll make it simple – open the door! No one is compelling anyone to leave,” Gamliel implored the international community. “You cannot disregard the suffering of the Gazans. Just open the door and allow those who seek to join the thousands of Gazans who have emigrated willingly in recent years.”

In conclusion, Gamliel said, “it is time for us to speak up and be heard. Today they will listen to us, so we must say this upon every rostrum. I will continue to echo these words in the Security Cabinet; it is my duty.”

The Sovereignty Movement conference took place at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem under the title, “A Wake-up Call from Gaza, the End of the Two State Solution.” The conference was held in collaboration with the Yesha Council and included sessions in both Hebrew and English moderated by Moriah Kor and Yishai Fleisher. Speakers at the conference included Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich (Religious Zionism), Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel, Knesset members, military and legal experts, public figures, and others.