The Israel-Jordan border fence, near Hamat Gader
The Israel-Jordan border fence, near Hamat GaderMichael Giladi/Flash90

The heads of Israeli towns in the Jordan Valley (Bikat Hayarden), Emek Hayarden, and Emek Hama'ayanot regional councils, which line the northern half of Israel's border with Jordan, have warned of nightly fire from Jordan.

Turning to ministers and MKs, the community leaders said that on many nights, shots are fired from Jordan, reaching near their towns.

According to Kan Reshet Bet, the fire is from Jordan and conducted near the Israel-Jordan border, aiming towards the thick plants growing in various areas within the Jordan River and towards Israeli territory.

According to the community heads, on most nights when the shots are fired, community security squad chiefs receive updates from the IDF regarding the hours during which shots will be fired towards their areas. In the towns in the affected areas, residents also told the MKs about an enlarged military presence on the Jordanian side of the border, beginning after the October 7 massacre.

Several weeks ago, MK Orit Strock requested details of the Jordanian fire from the IDF, and was told, "There is indeed a concern of infiltration due to the tense situation, but we don't need to expand on it. The Jordanians have increased their forces on the border and they are doing good work in preventing infiltrations, and from time to time, they also fire."

The residents have requested that the Knesset explain why, if Jordan is attempting to prevent infiltrations, there are shots fired towards Israeli territory, instead of into Jordanian territory, even before they reach the border crossing.

Meanwhile, the IDF has also significantly increased its forces along the Israel-Jordan border since October 7. Preparations are also underway to significantly improve the border fence.

An IDF spokesman said, "The matter is known to the IDF. The reports and questions are examined with the greatest seriousness. The IDF, together with security forces, is working to increase the defense efforts in the area, by increasing the fighting forces and adding technological and other means in the area."