Scene of the attackin Raanana
Scene of the attackin RaananaGili Yaari /Flash90

The two terrorists who carried out the attack in Ra'anana today worked in a car wash in the city. Their employers have been arrested.

The terrorists have been identified as Mahmoud Zidaat, 44, and Ahmed Zidaat, 24, from the Hebron region. Neither had a permit to be in Israel.

The ISA reports that both were forbidden from entering Israel after they had been caught doing so illegally several times, even serving prison sentences for illegal entry into Israel. One claimed during his court case that he had done so only to feed his children.

One of the two wrote on Telegram, before he was arrested: ‘I have taken revenge. Allah Akbar.” A forged identity card was found on one of the terrorists.

The attack, which developed into several scenes in Raanana, left one woman murdered and 18 Israelis injured. Five of the casualties were seriously injured, 8 moderately, and the rest lightly.

The terrorists began the attack from the car wash where they worked. One found a car and removed a 70-year-old woman from it, stabbed her, and took the car. The driver was taken to hospital with critical injuries, and doctors declared her dead.

After that, the terrorists struck an additional car, ran over pedestrians, and drove to Ahuza Street, where they changed cars and continued ramming victims.

The second terrorist also rammed pedestrians and escaped the scene. The two were arrested approximately half an hour apart.