Cabinet meeting
Cabinet meetingKobi Gideon

The government approved the budget for the state through 2024 this afternoon (Monday). The budget was opposed by Minister Shlomo Karhi and the Ministers of the National Unity Party.

The proposed budget included an amendment and additional funding, totaling billions of shekel, for civilian and security necessities related to the war.

Included in the budget was a benefits package for reservists, combat soldiers, and their families, totaling approximately 9 billion shekels. In total, the security budget has received 55 billion additional shekels.

Several billion shekels were also allotted to strengthening the civilian population, including projects such as supporting evacuated families, increasing property tax phones, supporting local authorities that have taken in evacuees, a stimulus package for real estate and high-tech, and more.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich commented “Today, I have only one thing to say - we are changing our priorities. We are here in Jerusalem, but our soldiers are in the north and south, in Judea and Samaria, in constant combat.”

“We are changing our priorities so that every reservist and their families know that the government stands behind them and supports them fully. We are not giving up our concern for them, because that is our obligation and they are the engine of our nation. Today, we are changing our priorities to support reservists and their families.”

“I thank the Prime Minister and other Ministers for their contributions and support for the new war budget, which takes responsibility for reservists and citizens of Israel. I thank the professionals in the Finance Ministry for their hard work, and the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Amir Yaron, for his support and assistance. This budget will improve the security of Israel on the front and back at home, and preserve Israel's economic independence.”