Lighting candles in memory of the murdered, at the Western Wall
Lighting candles in memory of the murdered, at the Western WallWestern Wall Heritage Foundation spokesperson

On the 100th day since the tragic massacre, the Western Wall marked the lighting of 100,000 memorial candles. These candles were lit throughout this challenging period by bereaved families and Western Wall worshippers in memory of the victims who fell from Simchat Torah (October 7th) to the present day.

On Sunday, a powerful ceremony of lighting memorial candles took place with the families of the abducted and bereaved, who came specifically for prayer at the Western Wall and to light memorial candles for the souls of those who were murdered and fell in the "Swords of Iron" war.

Over the past 100 days, numerous moving prayer ceremonies took place, uniting families of the bereaved, families of the hostages, wounded individuals, soldiers and reservists, family members, Magen David Adom volunteers, ZAKA volunteers, police officers, firefighters and rescue personnel, and the general public, who came to the Western Wall for prayer and solace.

A full 100,000 memorial candles were lit in the Western Wall Plaza at a dedicated memorial candle structure, initiated by the "Klal Yisrael - Together We Will Win" association which came especially with the families on Sunday to mark this day with a special prayer.

The memorial candles are replaced daily by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation's orderlies. Many times, at the Western Wall, one encounters a chilling and emotional scene where families of the murdered and fallen search for the names of their loved ones among the hundreds of names listed on the board, which unfortunately keeps being updated, and they light candles in pain and longing for the elevation of their souls.