‏In a video statement released earlier Sunday, Gilles Carabonier, Vice President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, called for the immediate release of all the hostages.

‏“It is 100 days, and 136 men, women and children are still kept hostage in Gaza," Carabonier said. "Hostage-taking is strictly prohibited under international humanitarian law, and as we, the International Committee of the Red Cross have been keeping calling for all hostages must be released immediately and unconditionally."

"‏Every day counts.

‏"Even one day can be a notoriety for those held captive and for their families and friends who have no contact with their loved ones, who have no idea if they are alive or dead.

"‏No idea about their medical condition and who fear the worst. Each day is filled with anguish and with despair.

"‏And here we mark 100 of these days. We know this pain will not go away until all hostages are back home.

"‏We will continue to work tirelessly to work relentlessly for that to happen until they are home.”

*Prof. Hagai Levine, Head of the Medical Team at the Hostages Families Forum, addressed the crowd, during the early hours of the morning, saying, "“The hostages have basic human rights to receive medical treatment and medications. The fact that the ICRC was not allowed to visit them, all of them, is a disgrace to humanity."

"We hope that they will receive medications this week, but this is not enough. They have many other urgent health needs. If there are pregnant hostages resulting from rape, they must be treated immediately!"