Israel Police car (illustration)
Israel Police car (illustration)Israel Police

A Palestinian Arab man entered the Brisker Yeshiva in Jerusalem and refused to leave while causing property damage.

The incident was reported after midnight on Friday evening. The report stated that a man had entered the Yeshiva, removed his clothes, and begun to cause extensive property damage in the study hall.

Attempts by the custodian and manager of the Yeshiva to convince him to stop drew a violent response that included hurling objects at them.

Police officers from the Lev Habira station were rushed to the Yeshiva, checked it for the suspect, and found him hiding inside the air ducts on the ceiling.

When he noticed the officers, he began throwing metal objects at them and attempted to hit them with a metal rod. The officers arrested him with the help of additional forces and a Taser electric incapacitation device.

A search on his person revealed the identity card of another individual, who was determined to be a relative of the suspect’s, and as whom the suspect regularly identified.

A more thorough investigation revealed that the suspect was a 24-year-old man, a resident of Hebron, who held a limited work permit for Makassed Hospital in eastern Jerusalem. His actions constituted a violation of his work permit.

He was taken for medical care and then for questioning in the Lev Habira police station. On Saturday night, the police’s request to have his detention extended by three days was granted. He will be examined by additional medical personnel and his questioning will continue during that time.