Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators gather in New York (archive)
Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators gather in New York (archive)REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs

Hundreds of protestors staged a demonstration outside Yemen's mission in New York City Friday night in protest against the American and British retaliatory airstrikes against the Houthi rebel group in Yemen last week.

The “Hands Off Yemen” protest in support of the Houthi and Hamas terrorist organizations, was held outside the United Nations mission in midtown Manhattan.

Protestors chanted "Genocide Joe has got to go" and “Gaza called, Yemen answered,” demonstrating their support for the Houthis' continued attacks on ships in the Red Sea over the last three months.

In addition, they chanted “From the river to the sea, Yemen will be free," a variation of the genocidal slogan "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." The chant is seemingly meaningless in the Yemenite context, as Yemen's borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman are not marked by rivers the way the Jordan River marks the Israeli border with Jordan.

Protestors ripped down posters of Israeli hostages who were kidnapped on October 7 and have been held hostage for 100 days in Gaza.

A Jewish couple who were walking their dog found their way to the local dog park blocked by the protestors, video from the incident showed. The man told the New York Post that when they saw the protest, he went back into their apartment to get an Israel flag with which to confront them.

The couple was assaulted by the protestors and the man was shoved. One protestor yelled, “Long live Hamas, you piece of s–t!”

Protestors grabbed the flag from them and attempted to light it on fire.

“Next step, I promise you, the next time they’re going to be supporting ISIS,” the man said afterwards. “Because ISIS hates America, therefore, ISIS good. It’s beyond insane what’s going on here.”

Nerdeen Kiswani, the founder of the Within Our Lifetime organization, who famously gave a violently antisemitic speech at a CUNY School of Law graduation ceremony in 2022, said at the protest that “the Yemeni people and the Palestinian people are the only free people because we resist by any means necessary.”

“We have no faith in your courts, your institutions, your governments. The United States, the United Kingdom, all puppet Arab Zionist normalizing regimes…We only have faith in the resistance,” she said.

The Houthis have attacked or hijacked 27 ships attempting to cross the Red Sea in recent months, causing serious damage to global shipping. The US and UK launched air strikes on Houthi rebel targets in Yemen on Thursday night in retaliation for the continued attacks on merchant vessels.