From right: Jonathan Pollard, Rivka Pollard, and Sima Hasson
From right: Jonathan Pollard, Rivka Pollard, and Sima HassonCourtesy

The director of the Mothers’ March organization, Sima Hasson, met with Jonathan Pollard and his wife Rivka, who expressed their support for the demand by the parents of soldiers and the Torat Lehima organization to reach a victory over Hamas.

Hasson, a mother to two soldiers, told the Pollards about the activities by the mothers of soldiers and their demand to end humanitarian aid to Gaza, which they claim reaches Hamas.

The Pollards expressed their appreciation for the activities and said: “Since the beginning of the second war for our national survival on October 7th, two groups of Israelis have shown unconditional loyalty to our state.”

“One of these groups is our brave soldiers, who with their blood and faith have prevailed over our lack of leadership and our enemies. The second is the patriotic parents of these wonderous soldiers who demand complete victory over Hamas. These women have proven why, throughout history, it is our women who have show morality without parallel to the land and people of Israel.”

“When the question arises where our soldiers get their bravery, everyone knows the answer - they got it from their mothers.”

Hasson said after the meeting: “The touching statements from the Pollards have encouraged us and given us the strengthen to continue our fight to support our dear sons, the soldiers. We call for all the public to demand an end to humanitarian aid and to continue fighting to victory.”