Humanitarian aid to Gaza
Humanitarian aid to GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Gaza residents are reporting that Hamas continues to harm them and is stealing the humanitarian aid which is brought into Gaza daily.

One of the residents wrote to Channel 12's Ohad Hamu on WhatsApp, "The streets are filled with garbage, sewage, and filth. There are long lines for the humanitarian aid, but it is all stolen. They have removed Hamas members more than once when they saw them in the streets."

He also claimed that in Gaza, no one wants Hamas leadership to continue, but since the terror group are the ones responsible for distributing the humanitarian aid, Gazans have no choice but to put up with the terrorists and treat them with respect.

"Our lives have become impossible," he said. "All of Hamas is in Rafah."

The terrorists are also trying to embed themselves in the civilian population, he added: "Hamas' people have trimmed their beards and are hiding among the civilian population in order to avoid assassinations by the IDF. In the meantime they are stealing the aid."