Completing the Torah scroll
Completing the Torah scrollWord Mizrachi

Rabbi Doron Perez, Executive Chairman of World Mizrachi, and the father of Daniel Perez, an IDF soldier kidnapped to Gaza, invited fellow hostage families to join in completing a Torah scroll dedicated to the merit of the release of all the hostages.

The Torah scroll’s final letters were inscribed in an emotional ceremony held in Tel Aviv today at the ‘Hostages Square’ with guests from around the world with representatives from the hostage families.

In the coming days the Torah scroll will be sent for use by an elite combat unit serving in Gaza “with the hope that the scroll will bring blessing and safety to the soldiers and in its merit we will be blessed to see the safe return of all the hostages.”

The dedication continues: “We are grateful to the Spodek and Kramer families from New York and New Jersey respectively, who dedicated this Torah on behalf of our loved ones - 132 people who remain behind in Gaza and on behalf of our army as this scroll will now serve alongside our soldiers in this elite unit that is fighting to protect us each and every day. This is the true spirit of the people of Israel where we are inspired to act in the spirit of unity which is so incredibly important to us as families of the captives.”

Rabbi Perez and World Mizrachi also participated in massive prayer at the Kotel for the release of the hostages held by Hamas and the safety of IDF soldiers, organized by the Chief Rabbinate, saying, “The new month of Shvat is the month of the renewal of the trees, the symbol of nature's rebirth and revival of the land. The terrible pain and grief of the bereaved families, the overwhelming anxiety of the families of the hostages, and the tens of thousands of families with loved ones fighting at this very moment have brought out a unique display of unity around our core Jewish values. Unity in prayer and unity in general is the ‘spiritual iron dome’ of our people. It is rare to see such unity from across the entire gamut of Israeli and world Jewry with people of all backgrounds coming together as one in piercing prayer to Hashem to have mercy on His people. From the bottom of our hearts, we call out to Hashem for the welfare and safety of all of the hostages and soldiers that they should return home and be protected in their holy mission.”