The earthmover that was targeted
The earthmover that was targetedCourtesy

An unarmored IDF earthmoving vehicle that was operating in the central region of Gaza, along with the 6646th Paratroopers Battalion, suffered a direct hit from an RPG. Miraculously, the missile did not detonate.

“There was a tremendous explosion, and the operator did not understand what had happened. He only heard a ringing in his ears. He reported on the radio that he had been hit by an RPG,” one of the soldiers told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News.

“Only after a few minutes did he see both the entry and exit holes of the missile, which did not detonate. How did it and go straight over his head? Only God knows. I asked him afterwards what he had done to merit such a miracle, and he told me, 'I am here in the name of all of Israel.'”

“We have seen a true miracle here. Today, as we recite the Hallel (praise) prayer for the new Hebrew month, we will have this in mind as well - in the name of all of Israel.”