The National Information System in the Prime Minister's Office today (Wednesday) launched the international website which presents to the world Hamas' crimes against humanity, with photos and videos from the scenes of the October 7th massacre.

The site was developed in collaboration with IDF spokesperson and joins several other informational moves targeting the international audience by state organizations during the Swords of Iron war.

The site was launched ahead of the opening of the hearing on the petition to be held against Israel at the International Court of Justice in the Hague tomorrow.

The site in English is: "Oct. 7, 2023, Hamas Massacre: Documentation of Crimes Against Humanity".

To be noted that all photographs from the various murder sites have been blurred in order to preserve the privacy of the victims. The site is intended for the international audience only and will not be accessible from Israel.

Head of the national information system, Moshik Aviv, said that "as part of the comprehensive and intensive information operations, the national information system of the Prime Minister’s Office, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, is putting up a website that will commemorate and remember the heinous massacres that were committed against the citizens of Israel on October 7th. We will continue to act so that the citizens of the world will not be able to remain indifferent to the monstrous massacre we experienced."

"This is an important explanatory and political tool, which presents the serious crimes against humanity. Tomorrow we will appear at the Hague Tribunal, and this website will help the State of Israel in its mission to remind the world that we are the victim of an unprecedented terrorist attack," he added.