MQ-9 drone
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The Hezbollah terror group on Tuesday morning attempted to attack Israel's Karish gas field using UAVs, reports said.

Naim Qassem, second-in-command of the Hezbollah terror organization, said, "We do not want to expand the war, but if Israel does that, the response and clash will be unavoidable."

The Hezbollah terror group on Tuesday morning reported that it attacked the IDF's Northern Command base in Tzfat using UAVs. The IDF confirmed that UAVs had landed at the base, but said that there no injuries or damage had been reported.

The terror group stressed that the attack is in retaliation for the eliminations of Hamas second-in-command Saleh al-Arouri and senior Hezbollah member Wissam Tawil.

Earlier on Tuesday, Arab media reported that an Israeli UAV attacked a vehicle in southern Lebanon. According to reports, the UAV was directed towards a vehicle in Wadi al-Houjir area in southern Lebanon, and the vehicle's three passengers were killed in the attack.

Reuters reported that the passengers were Hezbollah terrorists, but did not mention their ranks in the terror group.