Demolition of Arab construction
Demolition of Arab constructionCivil Administration

Dr. Muayad Sha’aban, the head of the Committee for the Fight Against the Fence and Settlement, stated “The occupation forces and settlers have carried out 12,161 attacks against Palestinians and their property in Judea and Samaria. 

He claims that 9,751 attacks were carried out by security forces and 2,410 attacks by Jewish settlers, with 206 attacks being carried out by both jointly. 

He claims that settler terrorism has left 22 Palestinians dead, ten of which were after October 7th. 

He claimed that settler terror caused 25 concentrations of Bedouins, comprised of 266 families, comprised of 266 families totaling 1,517 people, to resettle, with the extreme majority having left the Jordan Valley region after the Haas invasion. 

Israeli authorities have issued 1,330 demolition orders due to claims of illegal construction, and 659 buildings were demolished, which led to the displacement of 1416 residents and the uprooting of 21,731 trees. 

According to the report, Israel has taken over 50,000 square meters and approved the construction of 8,137 housing units in settlements, established 18 new homesteads, 8 of which were made after October 7th, and legitimized 6 other homesteads. 

Dr. Muayad claims that today, more than 740,000 settlers live outside the 1967 borders of Israel in 180 settlements and 94 homesteads.