Yoav Gallant
Yoav GallantFlash 90

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant (Likud) told the Wall Street Journal that Israel is not fighting a single enemy, but an axis.

Speaking to WSJ, Gallant said, "October 7 was the bloodiest day for Jewish people since 1945. The world needs to understand. This is different."

Gallant's "basic view," he said, is that Israel is "fighting an axis, not a single enemy."

"Iran is building up military power around Israel in order to use it," he added.

At the same time, Israel is also moving from the "intense maneuvering phase of the war" to "different types of special operations." This next phase, he warned, "will last for a longer time."

Gallant added that Israel is nearing the next phase in northern Gaza, including in Gaza city, and that Israel "takes into consideration" the large number of civilians in the area.

"But we aren’t going to give up," he warned, explaining that Israel's goal is not only to destroy Hamas, but also to deter other potential adversaries allied with Iran.

Gallant also told WSJ that although Israel does not seek war with Hezbollah, "eighty-thousand people need to be able to go back to their homes safely."

He stressed, "We are willing to sacrifice. They see what is happening in Gaza. They know we can copy-paste to Beirut."

Hamas leaders "didn’t take it seriously, even when we first went in," he noted. "Should Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran be allowed to decide how we live our lives here in Israel? This is something we don’t accept.”