The baby's crib in the damaged house
The baby's crib in the damaged houseFire and Rescue Service

An infant was seriously injured last night in a house fire that broke out on Shpritznak Street in Tzfat (Safed).

​​​​​​Four firefighting teams were called to the incident. They noticed a danger to the infant's life, as it had been trapped inside the house. They begin search and rescue operations, found the infant, and rapidly extracted him from the fire to hospital care.

Additional action to extinguish the flames and release smoke from the building followed.

Firefighter Gadi Azoulai, who commanded the incident, stated: "We noticed fire and thick smoke as soon as we arrived. The family told us that a baby was still trapped inside the building."

"Firefighters penetrated the building despite difficult conditions of thick smoke and high temperatures, searched it, and found the infant. He was quickly rescued and taken to medical personnel with serious injuries. Additional actions to extinguish the fire or carried out as well, and serious damage was caused to the building."

The circumstances of the fire are being investigated.