Damage to Unit 506 base
Damage to Unit 506 baseHezbollah

Hezbollah published footage Saturday evening showing a rocket strike on the IAF base near Meron in northern Israel. The base contains Air Traffic Control Unit 506, which controls aircraft flights through Israeli airspace.

Hezbollah claims to have inflicted a direct hit on the defensive structures in the base.

Unit 506 is one of three units controlling Israeli airspace and warning of attempts to intrude on it. Should an intrusion be detected, helicopters are scrambled to find and destroy the intruding aircraft.

Sirens were heard Saturday morning in more than 94 towns in northern Israel, due to rocket bombardments. For the first time since the war broke out, sirens were heard in Karmiel and Kfar Vradim. Several rockets fell in undeveloped areas in the Meron region.

The IDF returned fire, killing the terrorist squad and destroying the launching apparatus. After the bombardment, Hezbollah announced, "We fired 62 rockets as our reaction to the assassination of al-Arouri. We fired at the Meron base, which is the aerial command and control center for northern Israel. It has significant value as there is no substitute for it."

Due to the IDF's situational assessment, roads in the Galilee region were briefly closed following the incident.