Guri Alfi
Guri AlfiHOT Israel

Actor Guri Alfi, son of media personality Yossi Alfi, told Yediot Ahronot of the difficulties he has experienced since the October 7th massacre and the changes he has undergone since then.

He refuses to host politicians on his evening show: “I'm not on Twitter or anything like that. I want to build something and I think we have a chance here. Call it a disenchantment, a defilement, whatever you want. If you want to fix things, say what needs to be fixed and act to make the state a better place. If you keep voting like idiots about what you think is the problem, and think that it will be solved by voting for or against one person, you're wrong. It's an illusion. There's no practical application to that discussion.”

He was also asked about his faith, and he answered, “I am not afraid of faith. When I made The New Jew (a series on American Jewry - ed.) they asked me if I would become religious. The answer is no, but I do learn the Talmud, I want to go to synagogue, I want to put on tefillin. It's part of me and I am not giving up on it. If I were to see a massive ad of someone reciting the Shema prayer with tefillin on his forehead, why shouldn't I be emotional about it? I'm a sucker for my Judaism.”

When asked about Ministers Smotrich and Ben-Gvir, he said, “They're like brothers to me. Everyone is.”

Alfi’s opinion holds despite not agreeing with any of their agenda: “So what? The world sees us as one piece. We have entered such a deep mindset of political identity for so many years that every side is certain that the other side is trying to take something from its identity. I am not part of any group, and don’t feel like anyone is taking my identity.”