Terrorists (illustrative)
Terrorists (illustrative)Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

As part of the ongoing counterterrorism operation in Nur Shams, near Tulkarm, in which numerous terrorists have been killed already, the various terrorist organizations are attempting to send a message of resolve and determination against the Israeli forces to the Palestinian Authority Arabs in the city.

In a video clip published on Palestinian Arab Telegram channels, seven armed members of the al-Quds battalion, a military army of the Islamic Jihad organization in Nur Shams, read a message that despite the destruction caused by Israeli forces, the "Palestinian struggle" will continue due to the national support and determination of the residents.

The terrorists stated that the residents are the beating heart of the fight that will continue "until the ground has been purified from conquerors and we meet God."

They swore not to disappoint the public and to continue the fight with the guns and IEDs they have, and emphasized that the Jihad would end only in victory or death in the name of God.

Recent weeks have seen a number of shooting attacks against Israeli towns close to Tulkarm.

Another video from Jenin showed ten terrorists, representing several different terror organizations.

The video shows the terrorists training in urban combat, entering an agricultural area, and moving to another urban region. It appears to simulate invasion of an Israeli town in a manner similar to the tactics used in the October 7th massacre.