IDF forces in Gaza
IDF forces in GazaIDF Spokesperson

A soldier in the IDF's Shayetet 13 naval commando unit from Mevo Horon is fighting in Gaza despite an injury to his knee.

He was rushed to reserve duty from the synagogue on October 7th to protect the Gaza region. During the battles in various towns, a bullet struck his helmet and caused an injury to his head.

Journalist Avishai Greenzweig, who published his story, added that the soldier was taken to a hospital, recovered quickly, and immediately returned to the Gaza region for several months of combat.

During the fighting, a doctor who examined him noticed that he had suffered a tendon injury in his knee. The soldier refused a medical discharge and continued to fight with an injured knee through multiple special operations deep within Gaza.

"I'll with it properly after the war," the soldier declared. The account drew considerable admiration online.