Hamas terrorists during the surprise attack
Hamas terrorists during the surprise attackYousef Mohammed/Flash 90

Parts of a top-secret document compiled in the IDF’s Gaza Division already in October of 2022 described, step-by-step and precisely, the surprise Hamas attack that took place a year later on October 7, 2023, the “Uvda” program which airs on Channel 12 reported on Thursday.

The document shows evidence of the depth of Israel's understanding of the Hamas plan and its failure in the field of assessing Hamas’ intentions.

For example, the document describes specific divisions of Hamas that are going to invade bases and kibbutzim located near the border with Gaza, with the aim of "carrying out a campaign of killing and destruction, with designated fighters to take prisoners", with the initial step being to neutralize the technological systems in the Gaza Division.

After the initial phase, the document predicted that there would be a breach of the fence using an engineering force, followed by an infiltration by terrorists mounted on jeeps and motorcycles. In the following stages, there will be infiltration attempts from the air using paragliders as well as from the sea.

The document listed several possible scenarios, with one of them dealing with a mass infiltration, just like what happened in the surprise attack on October 7.

The secret document also states that the timing of the attack would be known to very few people in the Hamas leadership, but in any case, it would happen when there are only four operational employment battalions with no other forces in the field.

Finally, the document dealt with the question of the likeliness of the threat - and clarifies that it is not clear whether it is an operative plan, a compass for building power or a theoretical plan.

The Channel 12 report stated that the document was sent to the entire top echelon of the Military Intelligence Directorate, and the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate was exposed to its contents as well.