Defense Minister Gallant
Defense Minister GallantElad Malcah

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant presented to the War Cabinet today (Thursday) an outline for the day after the current war in which the Gaza Strip will be ruled by a "Palestinian government that is not hostile to Israel."

Gallant said that "in the first stage there will be local committees that are not hostile to Israel, and will not be able to act against it."

Later, as a multinational task force of moderate Arab countries, the US and Europe would take responsibility for the economic and physical restoration of the Strip.

According to the plan, the day after the war, when Hamas no longer poses a security threat and does not control the Strip, Israel will retain the ability to conduct raids in Gaza to combat security threats.

Gallant is also expected to present a plan for the Rafah Crossing the day after and said that "a joint operation will be carried out by Israel and Egypt in cooperation with the US, to ensure effective isolation of the border between Gaza and Egypt by technological and physical means and joint control over the entry of goods."

The plans do not include a role for the Palestinian Authority in ruling Gaza, but Gallant reportedly does not rule out the possibility of allowing the PA a role if it moderates its positions.

Minister Bezalel Smotrich said in response that "Gallant's plan for the 'day after' is a replay of the 'day before' 10/7. The solution in Gaza requires thinking outside the box and changing the concept by encouraging voluntary immigration and full security control, including the renewal of settlement."

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari criticized the publication of Gallant's proposal and said: "It is wrong to refer to it in the media and reveal details to the enemy; I will not comment on what was presented."