Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today (Thursday) with US Senator Lindsey Graham, who is in Israel for a solidarity visit.

Netanyahu told Senator Graham that Israel's goals in the war against Hamas are "destroying Hamas, releasing our hostages, making sure Gaza doesn't become a threat again, and also making sure that we can return our citizens in the north and in the south."

"For that, we'll apply maximum power with maximum precision everywhere that's needed," he added.

Senator Graham replied that the US "has your back."

Yesterday, Graham met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

"The reason I come so much is I love the place, I love the people, and I love the idea of Israel. “You have no place else to go” is a common statement. South Carolina is very supportive of the State of Israel, I am determined to be a good ally and a reliable friend. And I am determined to break the status quo. There will never be a better future for the Palestinians as long as their children are taught to kill the Jews. There will never be stability in this region until the Arab world takes ownership of what's going on with the Palestinian people. I'm hopeful that Saudi Arabia is serious about changing the trajectory of the Arab world," the Senator told President Herzog.

"To my friends in Israel, you will have to make some hard decisions yourself. Your security is non-negotiable. The destruction of Hamas is non-negotiable. But I pray and hope, and am working hard to find a better day. And that better day would be when the Palestinian people are not taught to kill the Jews in their schools. They'll have a place to go to work, they'll have dignity, and the people of Israel will have security. And I am telling all Americans, what happens here matters to us. Absolutely the same people who want to kill you, want to kill us, and the same people that want to destroy the State of Israel, they also want to destroy the United States. Iran is the great Satan. I pray one day that this regime falls. Thank you very much," Senator Graham said.