Muhammad Masad
Muhammad MasadHotem

Muhammad Masad is a former Fatah terrorist, who was incarcerated in Israeli prison due to his terrorist activities. After his release, he was seriously abused by the Palestinian Authority on suspicions of collaborating with Israel.

Since his release from PA prison, he has worked against terror. He spoke with the leader of the Hotem and Torat Lehima organizations, Rabbi Aviad Gadot, as part of a series of podcasts to encourage fighting spirit, about how the Palestinian Authority educates its children towards terror, his conversations with heads of the Authority and Hamas, and how he believes it is possible to defeat terrorism.

"From the age of four, they taught me that as a Palestinian, my goal in life was to throw the Jews into the sea. At the age of eight, I was already involved in terrorism. I thank God that I had not spilled any blood, despite being heavily engaged in terror. I was arrested and incarcerated in Israeli prison until being released during the Oslo Accords."

He describes his treatment in Israeli prison: "It was a five-star experience. It was a state within a state, in which you could get an academic degree, exchange information between terrorist organizations, and refine methods of terrorism."

"The Jewish people as a whole truly desire peace, but the [specific] Israelis, which we as an Arab public encountered, were liars, corrupt, and godless. They ensured that the conflict between us would continue. True Islam has no objection to Jews, Isaac and Ishmael were brothers. We have real Islamic faith are waiting for the rebuilding of the Temple which will spread light and life to the entire world. This is a war of the sons of light, who believe in god, against the Satanic Nazis. Why reject a soldier who reads the Shema prayer in a mosque? He is calling on God. All ideas of peace will fail because they are the ideas of liars."

He emphasized that defeating terrorism must include conquering territory and expelling the population: "You must drive the Gazans into Sinai and let them stay there for forty years until they change their mind and learn that life is more valuable than Qatari or Iranian money."