Nili Margalit on Uvda
Nili Margalit on UvdaKeshet 12

Nili Margalit, who was released from Hamas captivity during a prisoner swap late last year, treated dozens of the hostages during their time in captivity.

In an interview to be aired Thursday night by Uvda, Margalit said, "We went into a very dark place, there was no air in it, and there was a city there, there was the lower Gaza."

"They call it, by the way, the Lower Gaza."

Margalit added that, "This was organized, this was planned, this was arranged. It was waiting for this day."

She also said that she told the terrorists of her job as a nurse, so as to be able to help those hostages who were in need of medication: "They asked for a list of medications for the people who were there. I volunteered, I told them that I am a nurse and am getting to work."

When asked if people from the outside came to the tunnel, she said, "People are always passing through the site, even officials."