Iranian opposition activist Vahid Beheshti visited Israel this week, where he was the first-ever member of the Iranian opposition to address the Knesset at a meeting of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus (KIVC).

Beheshti is a human rights activist who fights the Iranian regime. For nearly 11 months, he camped outside the UK Foreign Office, even hunger striking for part of the time, demanding the UK classify the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

In a conversation with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, Beheshti explains that the current war with Hamas is all about Iran, and that is what brought him to speak in the Knesset. "Iran is the head of the octopus. Since the Iranians came to power 44 years ago, its first principle was the elimination of Israel, and they have been very active about it. Just look at the region, look how many proxies have been created. Look at the situation of Israel at the moment: on one side, Hamas; on one side, Hezbollah; on the other side, Syria. The Iranian regime turned Syria into a terror zone to distribute terrorist force and military weapons against Israel. Look at the Houthis; they completely disrupted global trade. What else are we looking for to say that the Iranian regime is the root of the problem."

He adds: "Of course, it's all about Iran. And today, we have to stop ignoring this big elephant in the room if we need global peace and peace in the region."

Beheshti says that Israel should not be afraid to strike IRGC targets, nuclear sites, and even the homes of high-ranking Iranian Republic officials in Iran. "This is what they need to see. This is great support for the Iranian people. Let's not forget that we have a great military of 80 million Iranians who are thirsty for democracy and freedom in Iran, and the moment they see support from Israel and Western countries, they will do the job for us. They will go onto the street and hit the head of the octopus in Tehran for us. The Iranian people have been very active, especially since 2009. They had many uprisings, but because of the level of brutality and the barbarism of the evil regime, they haven't been successful so far. They need a little support, and they will do the job for us."

Vahid says that the hatred of Israel is only the Iranian regime's, while the people's opinion is the complete opposite. "The Iranian people have shown their love and passion for the people of Israel many times. Just look back since October 7th, they drew Israeli flags on the streets, on pathways where it is very narrow, where you have to step on the flag, but the people of Iran jumped over the flag of Israel and turned around and kissed it. You saw the fans at the football stadium when Iranian agents brought the flag of Palestine and the reaction of 50,000 people in the stadium; I don't want to repeat what they said. They showed their support, their passion, their love for the people of Israel many times."

He recounts: "This morning, I was on the Temple Mount for a few hours, and that reminded me of the great history between the people of Israel and the people of Iran. Nearly 2,600 years ago, prophet Cyrus the Great freed the people of Israel from slavery and gave them the opportunity to rebuild their temple. We have a great relationship, we have a really close culture, we have a common interest, but most importantly, we have a common enemy. So this is the position of the people of Iran, and they embrace the support from Israel and any other Western country to take over and do the job for us inside of Iran."

The opposition leader believes that Israel needs to officially begin working with the Iranian people and opposition. "That is the only way. Just look back at how much Israel has spent to stop Iranian terrorist activities in Israel and the region. You just need a little bit of that to stand with the Iranian people, to work with the Iranian people, and the Iranian people will do the job for us in Tehran. That's a military,80 million people who are thirsty for freedom and democracy. They are waiting for the second to overthrow this regime."