Marwan Barghouti
Marwan BarghoutiFlash 90

Senior terrorist Marwan Barghouti, who is serving several life sentences for murdering Israelis, sent a request to the court asking for his conditions to be improved.

According to Barghouti, IPS wardens harass him, and he claims that since December, he has been forced to walk around cuffed, which hurts him. In addition, Barghouti claimed that the prison director instructed jailors to beat him.

In addition to this, he complained that he was transferred to the isolation wing in the Rimmonim Prison, where his conditions have been made worse. The terrorist's attorney, Avigdor Feldman, wrote: "First of all, the cell's windows were sealed from inside and out, so the only source of air in the cell is from the crack under the windowless door. Second, most of the time, the room is dark, making it difficult to even use the restroom. Third, he has not received a change of clothing."

The list continues: "Fourth, the petitioner's diet consists of four small slices of bread and a tiny container of yogurt, which are distributed twice a day, and in addition two spoonfuls of beans and three spoonfuls of rice for lunch. Fifth, the petitioner's quarters are searched three times a day. The searches are conducted while the petitioner is cuffed and naked, and this is despite the fact that the room is empty.

During the first four days of his isolation, he had to sleep on the floor. The beating of the prisoner, his humiliation, threats to his life and health, his starvation, exposure to the cold, are all strictly forbidden."

The letter also states: "The prisoner is in the care of the IPS, and this care requires the care for his wellbeing - physical and mental."

"The petitioner's rights as a human and a prisoner are set are not negotiable and revenge is not a reason to violate them." the letter conlcudes.