Amos Hason
Amos HasonIdit Nissenbaum

Three lunar months have passed, a new civil year is upon us, and I would like to finally share my thoughts.

On October 7th the State of Israel received a painful reminder that Jabotinsky's "Iron Wall" is still relevant.

The Jewish Bible teaches us about the ancient sin that Adam and Eve commited, of eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

However, we live in a slippery, dangerous age in which the progressive movement has gradually lost its touch with reality, brainwashing youth to accept relativistic ethics wherever possible. This knowledge of good and evil is no longer factual to them. They tend to oversimplify complex issues according to a malformed algorithm.

Apparently for them intentional violent acts such as massacre, sexual assault and captivity of civilians are justified as part of a so-called retaliation against oppression. There is never a distinction between unintentional causalties in the war against Nazi militias and the intentional application of the Nazi ideology.

These antisemitic ideas have recently infected even Jewish post-Zionist movements, and even in Israel. However, those Jewish ideologists have been ignored by the same progressive ideologists they befriended. The progressive-leaning Kibbutz movement and pacifist party-goers have been the main targeted victims of the horrible attacks. Yet their woke progressive allies have turned their backs on them. Condemnation of such violent acts has had to be fought for. Furthermore, antisemitism has risen worldwide, even against assimilated diaspora Jews.

The painful lesson we learned recently, in an unfortunate manner, is that Zionism is not obsolete. To the contrary - it is the very exemplifying foundation of truth in an age of postmodernist ignorance and (deep) fake news.

We were reminded that we cannot allow the Palestinian Arabs even the illusion of a Palestinian state, as long as they don't acknowledge the existence of a Jewish state in Israel. Thus, Jabotinsky's "Iron Wall", that would have been canceled if published today, is actually relevant more than ever.

It might take seven or seventy generations for the Palestinian Arabs to abandon their armed nationalist aspirations, maybe through justified forceful re-education, as was done with the Nazis. Only then will they be able to gain sovereignty.

The Middle East is not Europe, and it is certainly not America. The language around here is vastly different. You can't simply apply Western ideas to a region that rejects the West, in a place where the September 11th attacks were celebrated, where death is preached for, where queers are persecuted.

If you call for ceasefire before eliminating Hamas, you might as well call for ceasefire in Ukraine, and let the terrorist state of Russia control over Ukraine's territories (did you know that Russia is an ally of Hamas?).

You can't simply be a pacifist in a place that is threatened by Nazis. There are clear good and evil in this world, no matter how much you prefer to believe otherwise.

Progressivism is sentenced to failure. The extremist threat on the Western world has already initiated a reactionist movement in Western Europe. It is only a matter of time until America regains its sanity, hopefully not through another September 11th.

The cost of war is tremendous, but the cost of surrendering to evil is infinitely deadlier. We cannot let evil prevail. There are justified wars, and they don't include the intentional massacre of civilians.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Amos Hasonis studyting for a master's degree in computer science at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and is an alumnus of the Beit Prat Elul program.