Knesset comittee meeting
Knesset comittee meetingKnesset press release

A short while before a deliberation on the establishment of an independent committee to explore the possibility of reducing state-controlled companies and authorities, two individuals who had backed the proposal announced that they were withdrawing their support.

The meeting was planned by 4 MKs: Dan Illouz, Moshe Solomon, Ron Katz, and Michael Bitton. Arutz Sheva - Israel National News has learned that the last two have withdrawn their support after pressure from unions that oppose the move.

Simultaneously, financial publications have protested even holding the debate, in light of the fact that the Kohelet Policy Forum was invited to take part.

MK Illouz responded to the rumors: “I I'm sad to hear that people are talking about budgetary responsibility when it means an attack against the government, but now are attacking such a debate as this. This is simply a matter of bias. They attack the person as opposed to the matter at hand.”

“I will continue to work for the money of Israel's citizens, and against increasing the debt that our children will need to pay at high interest, with no fear or qualms.”

MK Bitton’s office stated: “With the developments of the war, it was clear that now is not the time to hold a debate like this, and so the MK has requested to delay it by 2 months. When the request for a delay was not granted, he withdrew his support.”