Elisha Medan
Elisha MedanShaare Zedek

After fifty-three days of hospitalization, IDF soldier Elisha Medan, who was critically injured and lost both his legs while fighting in Gaza, was released to rehabilitation.

Medan is the son of Rabbi Yaakov Medan, a prominent Religious-Zionist rabbi. On Tuesday, he was released from Shaare Zedek Medical Center, where he had been treated since his injury. He will now head to Tel Hashomer Medical Center to begin the lengthy process of rehabilitation.

אלישע מדן משתחרר לשיקוםשערי צדק

Upon his release from Shaare Zedek, Medan said, "The doctor in the helicopter who evacuated me insisted on evacuating all the injured. I think that was my biggest miracle - that they allowed the helicopter to take all four of the injured, and he dropped me off here, with all the injured. That is the biggest miracle, that I landed here and not in another hospital. There is no chance that I would be so healthy, happy, optimistic, without you. You're such an amazing staff, you're the dream of every critically-injured person. From the cleaning staff, the aides, the nurses, the doctors, and the managers. It's just an amazing, terrific staff. Thank you very much for saving my life."

Dozens of staff members bid an emotional farewell to Medan, saying, "We met a hero who fought courageously together with his comrades. Elisha's survival, his emotional and physical strength, were great inspiration for us. We came to offer encouragement and came out encouraged. From all our hearts, we wish Elisha and all those injured in the war an easy and speedy recovery."

Prof. Ofer Merin, Director of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, told Medan, "Every one of us has a part in your recovery. But the main credit goes to you. Your energy, your will. We need that in the staff. The main credit is yours. Thank you to the amazing staff. May we see soldiers leaving and coming back to visit."