Dr. Shmuel Katz
Dr. Shmuel Katzcourtesy

Heartiest wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year.

May we have wise, responsible, and altruistic leaders, in local and in national government.

May we have an education system that will educate and not indoctrinate our children.

May we be able to educate the oblivious to be able to distinguish between raw and objective information, and malicious propaganda.

May we be able to be more involved and pay more attention to the education of our children.

May we be able to designate enough time to educate ourselves properly, to become wiser members of society.

May we judge people by the content of their character and by their objective performance.

May we not discriminate against people based upon the color of their skin nor by any Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity criteria.

May the best persons get the appropriate credit, recognition, and advancement in their fields.

May we be able to help those who need more assistance.

May we appreciate people for what they are, and not by their religious convictions or political affiliations.

May we be able to solidify a warm and supportive family structure.

May we merit to have a responsible justiciary system which will treat everyone equally, under the law.

May we secure our borders to prevent, drugs, terrorists, and other criminals, from harming us.

May we respect and appreciate our honorable military, that is protecting us from bad operatives.

May we continue to support our injured veterans in a dignified manner, even after the completion of their service.

May we appreciate our heritage and become familiar with our remote and recent history.

May we have the wisdom to distinguish between good and evil.

May we be united against our enemies.

May people realize that supporting evil financially and politically, will not convert them into angels, but will make them stronger and more determined bad operatives.

May people realize, that should evil prevail, all good people, will become the victims of evil.

May we understand that deception and misinformation are commonly used by bad operatives.

May we dedicate time and effort to learn and understand all sides of the arguments, related also to current events, and weed out deception and misinformation.

May we make a special effort to expose, marginalize, and defeat evil.

May we understand that currently there is no way to box people into clear groups of oppressors and oppressed individuals.

May we be able to judge people individually, based upon the merit of their actions.

May we understand that talk may be cheap, but the actual actions will most probably, make the real difference.

May we understand that males and females are valuable members of our society, that greatly contribute to the community in ways related to their own strengths and weaknesses.

May we invest today for a better future tomorrow.

May tomorrow be better than yesterday.

May we learn also from the experience of others to prevent repeating preventable mistakes.

May we learn from the experience of our sages to understand historical perspectives.

May we take care of our health.

May we respect our worthy peers.

May we understand the nuances in the meanings of words in the different cultures.

May we pay attention to the different mentalities in Western societies and in Middle Eastern cultures, and act wisely accordingly.

May we be able to judge situations in their correct context.

May we be able to call out lies, without fear or favor.

May we be able to expose unjust demonization and take the appropriate corrective actions.

May we be able to recognize and condemn double standards.

May we be able to prevent dehumanization and cherish human life.

May we be able to recognize mistakes early on and figure out better ways to go forwards.

May we understand that advertising by itself, is not necessarily providing us with the best information.

May we be able to rely upon our knowledge, wisdom, and experience, with the eventual appropriate assistance from wise and responsible advisors.

May we merit to see the realization of a better future for all good people across the globe, speedily in our time.